Mike. Mobile Software Developer

    IT experience since 2017
    3 years of experience as mobile developer (Dart, Kotlin, Flutter)
    Extensive experience with Android SDK, Flutter SDK API, Retrofit, Chopper MVP, MVVM, BloC, Scoped Model, Dependency Injection, platform channels, and SOLID
    DBMS: Realm, Room, Jaguar ORM, greenDAO, SQLite, Moor, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
    Good knowledge of Google API, AWS, and REST API
    Strong skills in software development using Java and Swift
    Business domain experience: m-commerce (shops, cafes / restaurants), IoT (SmartHome, Sigfox Integration), Real Estate, Healthcare (health tracking mobile applications)

Work experience

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Mike was a part of the team that developed an EHS solution for one of the largest Life Safety & Environment companies in a Western European countries.
A distributed database allows to manage more than 10,000 metered iOT devices generating over 22M of measured values annually.
Technologies used: Android SDK, Android Studio, Android Layout Editor, Realm, Google Maps API, Firebase Crashlytics, REST API, GIT, Jira, and GitLab project.
Project duration: 18 months.

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Mike participated in the development of a property management solution for a major real estate company. The solution consists of two different mobile applications for landlords and renters.
Technologies used: Android: Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, MVP Architecture, Android Layout Editor, Android Studio, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Firebase Crashlytics, REST API, Retrofit, Glide, GIT, Jira, GitLab, etc. iOS: Swift, Xcode, TestFlight, REST API, Postman, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Firebase Crashlytics, GIT, Jira, GitLab, etc.
Project duration: six months. Team size: six people.

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Mike took part in the development of a stress management application for Dutch Sport & Health startup https://stresscoachapp.com/
The application allows users to track the state of their health, access the dashboard, analytics, health status and stress level.
Technologies used: BloC Architecture, Dependency Injection, Flutter SDK, Flutter inspector, SQFLite, Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Firebase Crashlytics, REST API, GIT, Jira, and GitLab.
Project duration six months. Team size: three people.


    Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering (2016-2020), Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkiv, Ukraine

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