Team Working Bees

Full-Stack .NET/JavaScript for FinTech and Healtcare

22+ years

Three teammates with 15+ years total experience in software engineering

20,000 hours

Working together more than 20,000 hours over the last three years

10+ high load solutions

For logistics, sales, booking, and real-time stocks

Extensive experience working in multicultural environments: collaborated with colleagues from the US and Israel

Solid expertise in .NET/C#, ASP.NET, React, React Native, and Angular 2

Databases expertise: MS SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Big Data migration

Backend development: .NET, Java and Node.JS

Business domains experience: Finance, HealtcareEnergy, Hospitality

Frontend development: ASP.NET, React.js and Angular 2

Team members

Team Ants: Anton - Team Lead / Architect / Full-Stack .NET / JavaScript Senior Engineer


Team Lead / Architect

Domains: Fintech, Healthcare, Education

Skills: .NET, JS, NoSQL

Mikhail. Full stack senior engineer .NET, Java, JS, Javascript


Full Stack Senior Engineer

Domains: Fintech, Healthcare, Energy

Skills: C++, .NET, Java, JS, Big Data migration

Igor - Senior Javascript Engineer


Senior Java Script Engineer

Domains: Fintech, Healthcare, Hospitality

Skills: C++, .NET, JS, React.Native, Redux   

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