Team Highlanders

High load solutions for e-Commerce and Real Estate

15+ years

Four teammates with 20+ years total experience in software engineering

20,000 hours

Working together more than 20,000 hours over the last three years

3 high load solutions

Three high load solutions delivered in the last three years (e-commerce platform, real estate auctions, investments cabinet)

Extensive experience working in multicultural environments: collaborated with colleagues from the US, Eastern Europe, France, Switzerland, Israel

Solid expertise in DevOps, cloud computing (AWS, GC, Digital Ocean, Apache SPARK, Apache Ignite), IoT (mobile apps for IoT devices management, IoT devices data collection, Arduino), P2P networks, mobile app development (React Native, Ionic, Flutter), automation testing (Selenium, Appium) 

Blockchain expertise: Ethereum (private and public), EOS, JPMorgan Quorum

Backend development: Java, .NET and Node.JS

Business domains experience: e-Commerce, Real Estate, Healthcare (clinic research, behavioral research), GovTech (registry)

Frontend development: React.js and Angular.js

Team members

Yulia - Team Manager / Product Owner


Team Manager / Product Owner

Domains: e-Commerce, FinTech, Retail, DLT

Skills: Business Analysis, UI/UX 

Mike. Architect / Full Stack Senior Engineer


Architect / Full Stack Senior Engineer

Domains: FinTech, Real Estate, DLT, and GIS

Skills: Java, JS, DevOps 

Oleskandr - Full-stack/Mobile Senior Engineer


Full-stack/Mobile Senior Engineer

Domains: Fintech, e-Commerce

Skills: Node.JS, Angular and React, React Native, BlockChain, DevOps    

This team is already drafted

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