Yulia - Team Manager / Product Owner

    IT experience since 2012
    Four years of experience as a product owner; Blockchain system for FATF compliant crypto transactions, e-commerce platforms
    Four years of experience as a business analyst
    Four years of experience as project manager, managing teams of up to 15 people
    Two years of experience as an Agile project manager
    Skills in market research, UI/UX prototyping, customer and business development
    Business domains: e-Commerce, FinTech, Retail, and DLT


Work experience

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Over the last year, Yulia has served as a product owner of a high-load e-commerce platform that enables marketing teams to generate and manage promo activities. Currently, the system is in production with more than 100,000+ unique visits per day. She is responsible for liaising with customers, collecting business requirements, product roadmap and backlog, and managing a team of five people.

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Previously, Yulia worked as a product owner of a financial mobile application. She managed a team of nine people and was responsible for the market research, UI and UX prototyping, product roadmap and backlog, and quality assurance.

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Before this, Yulia acted as a product owner on a project requiring the development of a customer relationship management application based on Corezoid. She was responsible for collecting business requirements and streamlining the communication between internal and external teams. The team size was 19 people.

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Yulia worked as a project manager and was responsible for product design and development. She collected business requirements, performed market research, designed the product roadmap, managed product and sprint backlogs, and oversaw the development process, generating ideas for improving the existing functionality. The project team was 15 people, including designers, developers, testers, and content managers.


    Master’s degree in Law (2014), Kyiv National Economics University, Kyiv, Ukraine

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