Vladas - Team Lead / Architect / Full Stack Engineer

    Software development experience since 2008
    Team lead experience since 2017
    Experience as a solution architect (online translation tools, e-commerce, high-load solutions)
    Extensive knowledge and skills working with Open edX platform: customization, setting up analytics, gamification, offline proctoring, and online proctoring
    Proficient with Python, Django, RESTful API, Django REST Framework, JavaScript, jQuery, Redis, and AWS
    Strong knowledge of noSQL and relation databases such as MySQL and Postgres
    Business domains: e-learning, high-load solutions, e-commerce

Work experience

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Vladas managed a team of seven engineers on an online education project for one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturing companies with more than 20,000 employees. He was responsible for the solution architecture and performed peer reviews. Vladas introduced effective solutions to improve the data collection pipeline for Open edX course polls. He also introduced various types of polls and surveys, implemented the data collection pipeline to provide for a platform-wide comparison of polls to assess courses quality and students’ perception of online courses. Team size was seven people. Project duration was 12 months. Technologies included React.JS, Python, and JavaScript.

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Previously, Vladas worked on a virtual lab that enabled more than one million students to have a realistic lab experience allowing them to perform experiments and practice their skills in a fun and risk-free learning environment. Vladas designed a microservice architecture enabling the most efficient AWS use, with above 10,000 concurrent users. The team successfully delivered over 10 releases and implemented over 22 features. Team size was 11 people. Project duration was four years. 

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Vladas was engaged in an API documentation development project for a global cloud contact center software provider offering call routing, self-service, and agent optimization solutions. The project goal was to develop API documentation. Vladas’s key responsibility was to develop a core application based on Java Script. Project team was three people. Project duration was three months.


    Master’s Degree (2003-2008), Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Radio communications, broadcasting, and television equipment department

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