Aleksander - Senior Engineer (Python, JavaScript)

    Software development experience since 2015
    Working with customizations for the edX platform: SSO setting up and customization
    Experience developing a new UI for CMS using React.js/Redux/Webpack technologies
    Expertise in Slack API integration, integration with SMS Provider, and integration with payment systems
    Experience with MySQL, Postgres, and MongoDB
    Proficient in Python and JavaScript
    Strong skills in web-development using HTML, CSS, and jQuery
    Experience with Django, django CMS, Django REST Framework, React JS, AngularJS, and Backbone.js
    Business domains: e-learning and web development

Work experience

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Aleksander worked as senior engineer on online education project for one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturing companies with more than 20,000 employees. Aleksander improved a data collection pipeline for Open edX course polls. He introduced various types of polls and surveys, implemented the data collection pipeline to provide for a platform-wide comparison of polls to assess courses quality and students’ perception of online courses. Team size was seven people. Project duration was 12 months. Technologies included React JS, Python, and JavaScript.

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Previously, Aleksander developed a web portal serving over one million users. The key project issue was a high number of spammers. To tackle the problem, Aleksander scanned all messages to identify those containing keywords added from the admin panel, added an additional check for secret headers when registering new users to avoid automatic registration of spammers using scripts, thus limiting registrations from one IP and unsuccessful login attempts. Technologies included Python 2.7, Django, Django REST Framework, Beanstalk / Redis queues, AWS S3, DynamoDB, PyMongo / MongoDB, JavaScript, RequireJS, jQuery, Solr, Java (maintenance), and Ruby (maintenance). Project duration was six months. Team size was nine people.

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Before this, Aleksander was engaged in an Open edX project for a Romanian school. The platform handled over 1,000 users per day. The main project goals included customized registration, added teacher and parent profiles, import of students, schools from csv files (Django import-export), sending emails, and sms reports. The toughest challenge of the project was to make sure that when a parent logs in to the platform with the same credentials as their child, the solution is to replace the Django session, and as soon as the parent logs in their credentials are validated. If validation is successful, the session is replaced. Project duration was over six months. Team size was five people.


    2000-2004, Kharkivsʹkyy Automotive Junior College, Kharkiv, Ukraine

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