Max - Senior Full-Stack JavaScript Engineer

    Over five years of software development experience
    Two years of lead JavaScript developer experience
    JS Tech meetups speaker
    Profound knowledge of JavaScript and PHP
    Hands-on experience with ReactJS, Redux, redux-saga, Node.js, React Native, and Babel
    Comprehensive experience with Webpack 1.x/2.x, GraphQL; knowledge of AngularJS, Vue.js, Express.js, jest, sinon, ava, Mocha, and chai
    Excellent knowledge of MongoDB and MySQL
    Knowledge of Java and Go
    Experience working as an assistant manager on Agile, Lean, and Scrum projects with teams of 20+ people
    Business domains: e-commerce, e-learning, Healthcare

Work experience

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Max served as a JavaScript developer working on an e-commerce Big Data solution. Technologies included NodeJS, Cheerio, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. The team size was eight engineers. Project duration was 24 months.

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Previously, Max was engaged in the development of a real-time IoT solution for tennis players. The solution is a proprietary IoT device that consists of a cluster of cameras and telemetry sensors that capture any tennis player actions on the court to further analyze them using a mobile application. Max developed this real-time data streaming and display solution using React Native. Project duration was six months.

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Before this, Max significantly increased the quality of an order management system for dentists that allowed to purchase dental supplies directly from providers. He optimized the codebase by implementing the “monorepo” approach, which allowed to merge four separate applications into one with a common shared part. The speed of data loading increased from 40 sec to 2-5 sec. Max also improved code readability and maintainability by utilizing the functional programming approach.


    Master’s degree in Systems of Artificial Intelligence (2017), National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kharkiv, Ukraine

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