Dmitry - Senior DevOps Engineer / System Administrator

    Four years of experience in DevOps and system administration
    Two years of experience as a DevOps team lead
    Expertise in Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform
    Profound knowledge of Nginx, Apache; MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CosmosDB; Azure DevOps, Bamboo, and Jenkins; Terraform, Ansible, Chef; Grafana, Prometheus, ELK, Zabbix, Nagios, Cacti; Docker, Kubernetes, and AKS
    Good knowledge of Bash, PowerShell, Git, Groovy, and Helm

Work experience

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As a DevOps team lead, Dmitry managed and automated all aspects of a cloud-based infrastructure; performed incident and problem analysis, created a fully automated CI build and deployment infrastructure, as well as processes for multiple projects.

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As a DevOps engineer, Dmitry was tasked with providing support in the implementation and installation of hardware and software components; providing L2-L3 network support; implementing custom monitoring and integrated monitoring methods into deployment processes; configuring provisions using Terraform, Azure ARM templates, Ansible, Che, and Shell.

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Dmitry started his career in IT as a 24/7 support specialist, and within a short period of time he joined a system administrators’ daily team. He gained experience in supporting, monitoring, and securing dozens of LAMP-based Linux/Windows servers, including various cloud infrastructures such as AWS, Azure, etc.


    Master’s degree in Information Systems (2018), National Technical University ‘Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute’, Kharkiv, Ukraine
    Graduate of Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture (2014)

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