Our innovated prebuilt team approach was born from over 40 years of IT industry experience and working with every model of outsourcing and nearshoring on the market. Our model is designed to increase scalability and efficiency while removing the common roadblocks companies have come across in the past with outstaffing options.

    The Right Team:

We provide a ready-made team of core team members who have worked together for 2+ years
Team members have relevant industry experience, both on the business and technical side of operations
Team members have excellent soft skills and experience working in distributed teams; we know the full value of open and free communication

    The Right Management:

We build efficient governance and ensure the smooth integration of your team into your existing dev practice
We provide full transparency and control of deliverables and progress
We ensure the lowest possible attrition level (close to zero for core team members and below the market average for ramp-up team members)

    The Right model:

We are not playing “rate games”. We are 100% transparent in terms of our cost and billing options
We assure fast and efficient ramp up and ramp down; flexible and painless scalability 
We operate on a success sharing model in which part of our premium depends on meeting client business and growth goals

Podium Teams Global Launch Day

How it works:



 Analyze business demand, “as is” and “to be” state Propose the most efficient setup and best-fit team Agree on an onboarding plan and set onboarding targets “Go” decision made

2-6 weeks

Onboarding :

● Onboard the core team
Create operational setup and governance
Agree on delivery schedule and ramp up plan

5+ years


 Optimize operations Increase efficiencyImprove communications Ramp up the team

Ready-made software engineering teams
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