Billing System Implementation for a Fixed Line and Internet Services Provider

About Client:

One of the world's 20 largest fixed line and internet services providers, with over 110 million subscribers.


    Improved customer service quality due to testing procedure implementation quality indicator monitoring
    Considerably improved business processes
    $30 million in savings


Customer required the implementation of an effective acceptance strategy and processes for an OSS/BSS billing system, but lacked competent resources to do so

The system had to comply with SOX international standards



Podium Teams developed procedures to assure qualitative system operations, including system commissioning, testing and operation environment synchronization, risk management, change management, incidence tracking, etc.


Podium Teams also reconciled hot repair procedures and the system update schedule


The team further developed a concept and tools for maintaining the testing process (including requirement management, testing management, defect tracking, configuration management, and document storage), based on the Customer’s requirements.


Automated solution

Podium Teams additionally developed an automated solution for billing system version control and component management, and implemented specialized tools for testing process maintenance and configuration management

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