Case Study: Grain Production Digital Ecosystem Platform

About Client:

A startup with the idea of grain production digital ecosystem


    With so fast time to market for MVP, the client was able to get the one of the largest European agriculture holdings as the client and discussing the large contract for further implementation and enhancements.


The client needed to get MVP fast but lacked internal expertise in asset management solutions and Blockchain which was critical to address the market pains such as non-transparency of grain accounting and asset management processes, lack of secure transfer of ownership, lack of fractional ownership and high complexity of audits. 

The time-to-market and cost-effectiveness were the major drivers



Our team developed the Blockchain-based Grain Tokenization Platform which includes cryptographic protection of digitized ownership rights, elimination of a single point of failure and smart contracts.


Utilizing the previous experience in asset management and knowledge of Blockchain framework team was able to deliver fully functional MVP within six months.

Tech Stack

● Frontend: Vue.js● Backend: Node.js, MongoDB. ● Frameworks: TokenD


Team Size


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