Case Study: Blockchain-based Decentralized Proof of Location Solution

About Client:

Platin is the world’s leading decentralized Proof of Location Protocol and Marketplace.


    Completed project delivered in nine months as compared to a market average of 16-24 months for solutions of such size and complexity.  
    Fast time-to-market enabled the client to become a leading provider of decentralized Proof of Location solutions.
    The direct savings on R&D were around 1M USD .


Platin’s founders were looking for a technology partner who could help them develop a blockchain-based decentralized proof of location solution from prototyping to commercial use.

The time-to-market and cost-effectiveness were the major drivers



Our team developed a highly secure, verifiable, decentralized and lightweight solution that ensures ultimate user data protection based on the concept of Zero knowledge.
The solution includes the following modules:
• A mobile signal harvesting application that scans signals from a wide range of radio spectrums such as mobile, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS data, and creates a unique profile to ensure the protection of location data from falsifications.
• A unique protocol based on the Zero Knowledge concept that verifies user’s location without disclosing their real coordinates.
• Integration of both geolocation data and zero-knowledge functionalities with Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.
• A mobile app that allows for radio signal data gathering with the reward paid in cryptocurrency


We conducted a hypothesis test in one week; created an MVP in five months, and a full release for commercial use in nine months.

Tech Stack

● Solidity based smart contracts● Angular ● Java● native Android, iOS● EOS, Ethereum● PostGIS, GEO-protocols


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