Dmytro - Blockchain Engineer

    IT experience since 2017
    Two years of experience as a Blockchain engineer
    Experience in Quorum, EOS, Ethereum, and POA networks
    Extensive experience with Java, Solidity
    Excellent knowledge of Java frameworks and libraries, including Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, Mockito, Spark, Hadoop, web3j, and Apache ZooKepeer
    Experience in DevOps using AWS, Apache, Jenkins CI/CD, Kubernetes, and Docker
    Business domains: FinTech, real estate, DLT, and GIS

Work experience

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During the last two years, Dmytro has served as a Blockchain software engineer developing a platform that enables banks and institutions to securely generate, authenticate, and retrieve programmable documents. Currently, the system stores more than 100,000 documents; it has passed PCI DSS compliance and is ISO/IEC 27001 certified. Dmytro is responsible for the architecture design, REST API implementation, writing smart contracts, and database structure design. Project technologies include Solidity, Java, Spring Framework, PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker, Gradle, Truffle, Kubernetes, ELK stack, Terraform, Ansible, Apache ZooKepeer, Apache Kafka, Jenkins, Bash, and AWS. Team size is six people. 

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Before this, Dmytro acted as a Blockchain backend engineer on a project to develop a real estate marketplace application. Team size was 10 people. Dmytro was responsible for the REST API implementation, database structure design, and writing smart contracts with Solidity.

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Previously, Dmytro worked as a SQL developer for 12 months. He was responsible for generating reports on company earnings and writing automation scripts using SQL and Python.


    Bachelor’s degree in Systems Analysis (2020), State University of Telecommunications, Kyiv, Ukraine 
    Associate degree in Software Engineering (2017), Khmelnitskyi Polytechnic College of the Lviv Polytechnic National University, Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine

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